Book Review: Night

I read Night when I was in High School and absolutely loved it. It's one of the few books from my youth that I remember. That was over ten years ago and I was excited to start off 2015 re-reading Night. There is really nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. Hearing about Elie and his family, and his town willingly board these trains to the concentration camps even with a rabbi telling them about the Nazi's atrocities is one of the toughest things to read.

As you continue to hear about Elie and his fathers journey at Auschwitz it brings to life the horror of their experience in the concentration camp. I don't think any re-telling of these experiences hits as hard as Elie's re-telling of his time in his novel Night. There were times when I was listening to the audiobook that I would pause it or just turn it off. The novel hits hard and hits often. Just trying to imagine how you would survive something like a Nazi concentration camp made any stress that was going on in my life seem negligible. If you haven't read Night before or its been a while it would be a great idea to read it now. 

To forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time.