My iPhone 6 Plus in Silver/White (64GB)

A week ago Apple announced among other things the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. It was the first time since the original iPhone I actually had a decision to make. It wasn't an Android v iPhone decision but instead a size decision. Did I want to go with the big iPhone 6 Plus. Well if you know me at all you can probably guess the answer to that. I went big and got the iPhone 6 Plus in silver/white with 64GB of storage. 

Pre-ordering the iPhone 6 Plus back on September 12th at midnight was quite the experience. After spending an hour on my laptop/phone trying to do everything I could do to get an order in. Finally after an actual hour I got the store to work on my phone and purchased my iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released on September 19th. You might be thinking to yourself, didn't something else important happen on the 19th. Oh that's right it was also Jenn and my 5 year wedding anniversary. So instead of playing with the new phone, Jenn and I had an absolutely incredible anniversary which I will write about in another post. 

My iPhone 6 Plus unboxing waited until Saturday, September 20th and that was alright because it gave me this entire weekend to get used to my new phone. Here's a video of Jenn and I unboxing the new precious (I mean phone)

After a weekend with the phone I think I'm already at the point where I don't think I could go back to a smaller form factor. As much as I mocked the huge Samsung Galaxy Note phones when they were first released, the extra real estate is actually really nice. I've already gotten used to having the bigger form factor in my pocket. I've also found a number of apps that I love to use with iOS 8. Some of my new favorites are  ETA (tells you the time it will take to get to common destinations like work, home, etc on your lock screen), Pedometer++ (tracks your steps throughout the day), and Wunderlist (a fantastic to-do list app).

So in short I'm really loving the iPhone 6 Plus. I love having 64GB of storage instead of 16GB (which I was always running out of). I also really love the bigger screen.  It's a really nice form factor and I think it will make for an incredible phone for the next year until I buy the iPhone 6 Plus S.