Movie Review: This is Where I Leave You

I've already missed a couple of movies from my most anticipated movies for the rest of 2014 but that streak ended this past weekend when we saw This is Where I Leave You. After a fantastic weekend celebrating our five year wedding anniversary we decided to have a relaxing Sunday and enjoy a movie.

And enjoy a movie we did. If you watch the trailer of This is Where I Leave You and think this looks like a good movie then your in luck as that's exactly what this movie is. Where many times trailers don't do a very good job of telling you what you're going to watch, This is Where I Leave You is an extended version of its trailer. And we both loved it. The cast is top notch with Tina Fey, Jason Batemen, and even coaches wife from Friday Night Lights, Connie Britton. You'll probably recognize most of the cast from various movies and TV shows and they mesh together really well.

I love movies that allow each character to have their own story arch while having them all connect in various ways throughout the movie. There might be a bit too much conflict for a two hour movie but all things considered it was a really enjoyable movie. Its a really good mix of heartfelt moments combined with some good laughs. My only complaint was there were a few scenes where they did a great job of setting up an emotional moment and didn't see it through, throwing a quick joke in to relieve the tension.

We both really enjoyed This is Where I Leave You, not a perfect movie, but an enjoyable Sunday at the movies nonetheless.