TV Review: Homeland Season 3 Review

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I posted my review of Season 2 of Homeland. For me it was such an up and down season and never was able to recapture the crazy high bar set by the first season. Going into Season 3 I had no idea what to expect as it seemed like the buzz for the show had fallen off a ledge. 

We finished up the third season of Homeland a couple days ago but I wanted to let it sink in. The second season of Homeland was all about picking up the pieces of the first. It also seemed to focus even more on Carrie which continued on in the third season. At this point in the show there isn't enough intelligence in the world in Carrie's brain to allow her to have anything to do with the CIA. Its gotten to the point where Carrie will disobey orders in every single episode and no one really blinks an eye at it.

She obviously is great at what she does but her instability as a person, and her lack of willingness to play by the rules is getting old. I'm just growing tired not only of her but this overused plot device in Homeland Season 2 & 3. Everything is becoming unfortunately cliche. Even the finale of Season 3 felt like a whimper in comparison to the first. For me Season 3 turned the show from above average to merely a show that we watch because we're caught up on everything else. Here is to hoping Season 4 recaptures some of the shows early magic. Oh and more Saul is fine as well.