A 49er Weekend With Jake

A month ago Jake and I decided we were going to take a weekend trip up to the bay area to go see a 49er game at the brand new Levi's Stadium. Since Jake had a Washington DC trip planned for the first pre-season game at Levi's Stadium we bought tickets for the second game against the Chargers. 

The weekend started with our annual Fantasy Football draft. This year Jake and I had the 8th pick in the draft and I think we did really well. We somehow got Megatron (Calvin Johnson) with our eighth pick and still were able to score Marshawn Lynch on the way back. Here's our full draft rundown. 

  • 1. (8) Calvin Johnson (Det - WR)
  • 2. (13) Marshawn Lynch (Sea - RB)
  • 3. (28) Doug Martin (TB - RB)
  • 4. (33) Andrew Luck (Ind - QB)
  • 5. (48) DeSean Jackson (Was - WR)
  • 6. (53) Percy Harvin (Sea - WR)
  • 7. (68) Shane Vereen (NE - RB)
  • 8. (73) Colin Kaepernick (SF - QB)
  • 9. (88) Zach Ertz (Phi - TE)
  • 10. (93) Maurice Jones-Drew (Oak - RB)
  • 11. (108) Dwayne Bowe (KC - WR)
  • 12. (113) Christine Michael (Sea - RB)
  • 13. (128) Matt Bryant (Atl - K)
  • 14. (133) Garrett Graham (Hou - TE)
  • 15. (148) Marqise Lee (Jax - WR)
  • 16. (153) Shayne Graham (NO - K)

After the draft Jake and I had lunch with my Dad at El Cholo and then drove back to our apartment. We played a little Madden NFL 15 and then Jenn dropped us off at John Wayne Airport (SNA) for our hour flight to San Jose. We got to the airport at 1:45pm, dropped off our bag, went through security and boarded a half empty plane.

Somehow we got the unfortunate pleasure of sitting next to two ladies who decided to order two chardonnays each (remember this is an hour flight) and continued to get louder and louder as the flight went on. The whole section near us were annoyed by this fun duo.


When we got to San Jose we got our bags and used Uber to get a ride from the airport to the Hilton Santa Clara. This was my first time using Uber and I'm an instant fan. You show your current location and request a ride putting in your final destination. I put out a request and like five seconds later got a confirmation that a driver with a Ford Fusion would be there in 3 minutes. He picked us up in a brand new Ford Fusion, gave us water bottles and drove us the 8 miles to our hotel. What's even better is no cash has to exchange hands it all is handled on the app via credit card, so no awkward tipping or anything. Plus you get to see the route they should be taking on your phone so they can't take you the long way. I'm a big Uber fan. 


We checked into our hotel, and watched some King of Queens before getting another Uber ride to take us to the Century 20 Great Mall where we had dinner at Outback before seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. We did our normal lineup at Outback. Started with the wings (medium heat), we both got a side salad with honey mustard. Jake got the Teriyaki Griller and I had the Prime Rib. It was a good meal and gave us about an hour before the 8PM start of the movie. 

I won't talk much about the movie (we can all wait for my full review) but Guardians of the Galaxy was actually a great movie. We went to the 8PM showing which was nearly sold out. It was a great movie to see with a crowd as you could see everyone was in to it. The movie even got an applause at the end. Once the movie was over we picked up an Uber ride back to the hotel, watched some TV and hit the sack.

Then at around 3:20AM in the morning on Sunday our hotel room started shaking pretty good from the biggest earthquake in the Bay Area since 1989. What are the odds we are in the bay area when they get this huge earthquake? The good news is we were fine. Jake slept through it, it woke me up in a cold sweat. The hotel just felt like it was being pushed around. 

When we woke up we watched the consolation game for the Little League World Series and got some coffee at the Starbucks in the hotel. Jake even got a breakfast burrito which looked gross. At noon we were ready to go and we walked the couple of blocks to the brand new Levi's Stadium. On our way over I was able to purchase a 49ers shirt and we got through security and got our seats.

The new stadium is stunning. Nothing beats new. Its really an amazing looking stadium. They have every food you could possibly imagine including Indian, Fish, BBQ, American, and Italian. We sat at our seats for a bit and headed back out to get some food. Jake got a beer and I had a cheeseburger and a beer. We headed back to our seats to see the start of the game. My cheeseburger was really good, and nothing beats a good bear on a hot day. Speaking of which it was 85 degrees at our seat. 

The first string for both the 49ers and the Chargers didn't do much but the game got more interesting towards half-time when the second string came in. At half-time I got some nachos and Jake got a hot dog. We stayed until almost the end of the game and walked back to our hotel. An hour or so later we met Luke (our cousin) down the street from our hotel.

He drove us to Downtown San Jose to get sushi at a place called Sushi Fiji. Luke got a Philly Roll and a Crunch Roll, Jake got the Dragon Roll, and I got the Tsunami Rolls. We also got a couple rounds of hot sake. It was a really good sushi place, everything was fresh, and really good.

After dinner it was time to head back to our hotel and pack up for our return trip home. It was an incredible quick trip up to the San Jose / Santa Clara area. I think Jake and I are going to try to do this again, maybe even try a different football team/stadium.