TV Review: Homeland Season 2

It's been almost two years since Jenn and I watched the first season of Homeland. It was one of the best first seasons of a show I've ever watched. In a lot of ways it hit all the right beats. It had a level of suspense, character development, and twists that isn't something you'd expect in the first season of a TV show. Homeland had a lot to live up to in Season 2. 

For the first five or seven episodes of the second season I kept feeling like the show had lost its footing. We had Carry trying to recover and Brody manipulating his family and colleagues but not much else happened. It wasn't until the last trio of episodes that the tension of the first season finally came back. I'm all for character development and building up a plot but there was just a little too much fluff for my taste. A lot of the Brody stuff felt far-fetched and hard to believe. 

The finale for Season 2 was really good although once again it felt a little unbelievable. I'm still interested to see what happens in the next season but for me Homeland just wasn't nearly as gripping as the first season. Still a well acted and good show but doesn't live up to the high bars of other drama on television like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and House of Cards.