TV Review: Downton Abbey Season 4

Jenn absolutely loves Downton Abbey. Heck we own the script for Season 1. It's even harder to believe that the show is on PBS. Luckily though we watch it on Netflix. But I mean who wouldn't love Mr & Mrs Bates? Or the very witty Mr. Carson and Lady Crawley. The cast of Downton Abbey is absolutely fantastic and makes for one of the best shows on TV. It's a show I never thought I'd like but it's as Jenn likes to say good old clean fun.

After a couple of seasons of major deaths in the Crawley family, Season 4 ended up being tame in perspective. In fact not a lot happened in Season 4. It takes place right after the end of World War I and the most interesting part of the season was how the major English families are dealing with the new world around them. You could see the rich desperately hanging on to the past and the rest of England pushing forward.

There was a scene with Mrs. Bates that just felt forced. The show does so well with just digging deeper into the characters rather then having drama for drama sake. It was another good season but by far the weakest of the series.