Movie Review: Lucy

It's very rare that I come out of a movie completely deflated and disappointed. I almost always avoid poorly reviewed movies but the trailers for the Scarlett Johansson led movie Lucy made me second guess it. 

On this past Sunday Jake and I went to go see Lucy at an 11:30 AM. After twenty minutes of trailers the hour and a half movie began and lost its footing right out of the gate. This is a movie that struggled with pace, tone and plot. There was little to nothing redeeming about Lucy. I love the idea in which we only use a small portion of our brain and to be able to tap into it. The only interesting thing that Lucy had to offer was that it questioned whether we are better off not using more of our brain. 

Other then that there was nothing else about this film that was enjoyable. The plot made no sense, and the acting was some of the worst I've seen all years. I just couldn't get a grasp on what this movie was all about and for that I hope to never see it again.