Phoenix Trip Day 4: Keep the Champagne Flowing

Day 4 (July 6th, 2014)

You know my only problem with mini-vacations? They go by far too quick. Today marks the last day of our quick trip to Scottsdale and boy was it a great way to end the trip. We woke up to the devastating Wimbledon finals where Federer had his opportunities to take a record 8th Wimbledon championship but fell just short. Luckily the match ended only fifteen minutes before our reservations for Sunday brunch at The Phoenician. 

The Phoenician used to be world renown for its opulent Sunday brunch. But in 2009 the hotel went away from the all you can eat gluttony and went to a prix-fixe menu. As someone who notoriously overdoes buffets the move to a prix-fixe menu worked out well for me. And luckily they kept my favorite part of Sunday brunch the bottomless champagne.  For our first course both Jenn and I went with the fried Calamari which was some of the best I've ever had. For our main course Jenn went with Blueberry Pancakes and I had their Eggs Benedict. For desert they brought out an incredible desert tower. By that point I had probably had eight glasses of champagne so I don't remember it all that well, but Jenn says I enjoyed it. After the incredible brunch we went back to the hotel room where I had a nice post-brunch nap. 

After the post-brunch recovery we headed back down to the pool which was empty in comparison to the past two days. We got an amazing spot in the shade and both read and laid out for a couple of hours. It was absolutely incredible. I remember turning to Jenn saying why can't we do this every day. 


After we got done laying out we passed by the croquet setup and I challenged Jenn to a match. Well that turned into three matches and it was quite competitive (shocking I know). 

After that we went back to our hotel room, got packed up, and went to go get dinner at Johnny Rockets nearby. At the end of the day it was just an incredible mini-vacation. We both needed to get away so badly and it couldn't have gone any better. It just makes both of us even more excited for our Holy Land trip in late October. Before we turned in for the evening we put together this recap of our entire mini-vacation and then called it a night. A perfect way to end an absolutely amazing mini-vacation.