Watched The First Season of Orange is the New Black

After absolutely loving the first two seasons of House of Cards, Jenn and I ventured onto the other Netflix original, Orange is the New Black. You might remember that the show made my list of shows I wanted to watch and I'm glad we finally took the plunge. With news that Season 2 was about to release Jenn and I jumped in and just recently finished Season 1.

For those that don't know Orange is the New Black focuses on Piper Chapman who was convicted of drug trafficking for her girlfriend ten years back. Her ex-girlfriend just so happens to have been convicted and sentenced to the same prison. Although the show is about Piper a lot of the shows strength comes from its supporting cast. Almost each episode shows another women's life and how she got into prison and then ties it together with Piper's experience in prison. Some of our favorite episodes were ones that focused outside of the prison.


The show was created by Jenji Kohan who also created the Showtime show, Weeds. I watched a couple of seasons of that and there are a lot of similarities. For one Orange is the New Black has a very dark sadistic sense of humor. Sometimes it works other times the episodes just drag on. Probably more important then anything is that it's a show that casts light on people of all makes and backgrounds. Whether its transgender or lesbians it's a show that does a fantastic job of showing that we're all human and we do not need to fear our differences but embrace them.

This is by no means our favorite show but its entertaining enough that we're looking forward to jumping straight into season 2.