Game of Thrones Season 4 - Another Amazing Season

At this point you probably already know my love for Game of Thrones. I began listening to the audiobooks for the series back in early 2011 and just can't get enough. I'm caught up on the first five books of the series (the author says there will be seven) and am actually thinking about going back and re-reading the fifth book before the sixth is released.

But that's besides the point. The books are amazing but the TV show manages to capture the epic fantasy at a level that few ever thought possible on TV. Game of Thrones is an epic show and Season 4 might have been my favorite season thus far. There were of course main characters killed off, amazing battles (episode 9 was one hour long battle), and more quiet moments then ever before for the series. Part of the reason I love the books so much is the time in which George R.R. Martin spends with characters to develop their back-stories and give you insight into their quieter moments. This was the first season where I felt like the show captured some of those moments. This was one of my favorite moments of the entire series:

The series finale might have been the weakest of the series but that's still excellent given the shows track record. Now the question is what will they do from here. Currently they have gone through the first three books. The forth and fifth books of the series were during the same time period just told from different perspectives. There is enough content in the next two books to easily last 2-3 more seasons. But I do wonder if George R.R. Martin can get a sixth book out in time. Only time will tell. Now its time for Jenn and I to go back and re-watch the last couple of seasons. I LOVE THIS SHOW!