Another Fantastic E3 Sunday in Los Angeles

Last year Jenn and I began a new tradition of going down to Los Angeles the day before E3 to pick up my badges for the press conferences the following day. On Sunday (June 8th) Jenn and I went down to Los Angeles. It was a really nice day and it only took us forty five minutes to get there. Like last year, the area near the Los Angeles convention center is decked out in anticipation of E3, the video game show that happens every June.

After parking near Staples Center I went to the JW Marriott and got lost trying to find the Sony booth but managed to find them after some wrong turns and picked up my badge for their convention the next day. Once I got my badge I met Jenn for lunch at Rosa Mexicano an up-scale Mexican restaurant right around the corner from Staples center.


We started off with their freshly made Guacamole which ended up being on the house because the waiter screwed up making it a few times. Their chips and guacamole was by far the best part of the meal. Everything was super fresh and delicious. With my meal I got a starter which was Chicken Flautas. They were covered in this super spicy red sauce and then over that was sour cream. The red sauce was a little overwhelming but they were still good. For our entree Jenn got Cheese Enchiladas which she loved and I had Carne Asada tacos which were just OK. At that point we were already so full that the entrees could've been out of this world and we still wouldn't have eaten it all. Overall though I'd totally go back to Rosa Mexicano if for nothing else then the Guacamole.

After lunch we walked over to the convention center where you could see the last second preparations were happening for E3. All the advertisements were out and you could see people scrambling for the last minute things that needed to be done before the show starts. For those that don't know E3 is like Christmas for anyone that loves Video Games. It's literally the birth of new games, new announcements, and what to get excited for in the months and years ahead.