The Right Team Won The Amazing Race All-Stars

Last season I was successful in picking the winning team of Season 23 of The Amazing Race. Season 24 of The Amazing Race was an All-Stars edition which meant racers from past seasons got a chance to come back and try to do better then the last time they were on the race. 

At the start of the season we did our normal routine of picking our teams. This season there is a little more strategy involved since we had watched almost all the teams compete before. Jenn went back to a team she picked a few seasons back Father and Son due Dave & Connor. I truly struggled to pick a team (would have chosen Jenn's if I'm being honest) and went with the Afghanimals Leo & Jamal friends from So Cal. 

Going into the season I was hoping to complete the hat-trick and pick three winning teams in a row. It wasn't meant to be as my team was sadly eliminated in the second to last episode and came in 4th. 

Then there is Jenn's team, Dave and Connor who have a pretty tremendous background. Both Father and Son had testicular cancer which they battled through and are both in remission. They raced two seasons back (the same season as the Afghanimals) but had to drop out of the race when the father, Dave ruptured his achilles. They came back with a vengeance this season and won the last three legs going into the final leg. At this point with my team out Jenn and I were going crazy rooting for Dave and Connor to pull it off and in one of the most emotional finales of any season of The Amazing Race they pulled it off and won The Amazing Race.

Both Jenn and I were holding back tears during the final minutes of the show. We both had never seen a team that deserved it more and did in such a classy way. You could see how much the two had gone through and the pure joy the moment brought. I couldn't be happier to be wrong this season! Way to go Dave and Connor and thanks for an amazing season.