Movie Review: Godzilla (2014)

I'm coming to find that maybe I'm growing out of the doomsday movie genre. Either that or I just haven't watched a good one in a while. On Friday (5/16) we went to go see Godzilla at the Big Newport Cinema in Fashion Island after having happy hour at Yard House. Both Jenn and i were super excited to see the movie but both of us came out of the movie scratching our heads wondering what we just wasted our time seeing. 

Lets start with the good shall we? Godzilla has never looked better The few times you get good shots of Godzilla he is as great of a visual spectacle as you would want on the screen. Unfortunately for a movie about Godzilla he is almost never on the screen. The only other morsel of positivity I can bring myself to say about Godzilla is that Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame turned in a decent showing even if he has very limited screen-time.

On the other end of the spectrum I won't bore you with the laundry list of things wrong with this movie other then to say its just boring. The story if you can even call it that is atrocious. It falls into the same pitfalls as many doomsday movies before it. You get a two minute cameo of a family who your told to care about and then the movie just nose dives into oblivion. What's even more odd are the scenes with Godzilla. I'm not sure if there were budgetary constraints on this movie or technical limitations but Godzilla is very rarely on the screen. He's the best part of the movie and for most of it he is either not there or only partially on screen. 

Probably the most surprising piece of this movie came at the end when 70% of the audience cheered. Are you kidding me? It left me dumbfounded, just like this horrible excuse of a movie. Oh well at least Jenn and I had a fun date night!