Celebrating Jenn's New Job

A couple of weeks ago I announced that Jenn got a new job (along with a new car) and this evening we went out to celebrate. After a lot of debate we decided to keep things low key and walk from our apartment down to Balboa Island to Amelias Seafood and Italian Restaurant.

After a wonderful day (seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier) we left our apartment at around 5PM and walked down to Balboa. The walk is a little over a mile and a half and we made our way down to the beachside before heading to the restaurant.

For dinner we started we both started with a glass of wine, Jenn a Cab and me a Sauvignon Blanc. For our appetizer we had our first ever non-fried calamari. It was completely drenched in butter, salt and pepper, and turned out super delicious. For our second course Jenn got a minestrone, and I had a clam bisque. For the main course I got the fettuccine alfredo with shrimp while Jenn got her favorite meal in the world filet and pasta.  It was an incredible meal, and a truly great celebration of all of Jenn's accomplishments. 

After dinner we walked across the street to Starbucks where Jenn got her hot chocolate and I had an iced carmel macchiato. We walked back down to the coast and walked around the beachfront before making our way back home. 

I couldn't be happier for Jenn, she never stops going for her goals, and this is yet another example of her hard work paying off.