Incredible Tribute to One of the Best TV Series of All Time

I try very hard not to just post videos on my blog and call them proper entries. A couple of years ago I tried posting more frequently and one of the ways I did that was posting funny or interesting video. Looking back it felt like a disservice to the World of Joel. However today I came across a video that I feel truly captures the magic of one of my favorite TV shows of all time, Breaking Bad. It's a video that spans the entire series without spoiling too much and captures the rise and fall of Walter White.

Say what you will about the finale (which I thought was one of the best closing moments of a show ever) this video just hits all the right notes to make me want to re-watch the entire series again. If you haven't watched the series I would avoid this video and immediately sign up for Netflix and watch the series. If you have watched Breaking Bad already then enjoy a beautiful seven minute trip down memory lane.