Finished Two Seasons of New Girl

We are officially hooked. Believe me both Jenn and I scoffed at the idea of watching New Girl. We'd seen clips of it. I'd even watched an episode or two on a flight but never thought I'd get this hooked. Around a month ago I caught a cold and was home from work and needing something to watch. I saw New Girl on Netflix and decided I'd give an episode a go. Eight episodes later Jenn got home from work and I re-watched all eight of those episodes with Jenn and the rest is history.

Over the last month Jenn and I watched 49 episodes of New Girl which comprises of the first two seasons of the show. Granted remember this is a half hour comedy that actually is around twenty minutes since there are no commercials on Netflix so we can get through a half dozen episodes in an evening without blinking. The show is that addicting though.

To me what makes New Girl stand out against other comedies on TV right now is the cast. The show has a lot ways to make comedy as each of the core cast have their own quirks to laugh along with. Whether its Schmidt who at times reminds me of Jake, or Jes and her wacky personality, or even the fact that Coach left after the first episode and was instantly switching with Winston who is horrible at pranks. The show's got a really stellar cast and one that seem to gel really well together.

The first two seasons of New Girl were fantastic. Sure there were some episodes that fell to the typical half hour sitcom tropes, but even those had their moments. Now I just can't wait for Season 3 of New Girl to be released on Netflix so we can binge watch that as well. And yes Jake you were right, New Girl is fantastic.