Book Review: Mistborn: Final Empire

After reading my first Brandon Sanderson novel a couple of months back (Steelheart) I decided that I would give one of Sanderson's older books a go. After a lot of research I decided to start the Mistborn series and am glad I did.

Like any first book in a series, Mistborn: The Final Empire takes a long time to get going. Possibly longer then most. There was a point (probably a quarter way through) that I wasn't sure if I was even going to finish it. However just when I thought about throwing in the towel, the stars aligned and the novel started to take shape. At the half way point of Mistborn: The Final Empire I was hooked.

This probably is the first novel that I've read that would be considered a "high fantasy" novel. The book has a very in-depth magic system that might sound extremely nerdy but is super easy to understand and get on board with. The way in which Sanderson is able to build this world and get you to buy in is pretty great. There were a few times that I rolled my eyes at a line of dialogue but for the most part the character development is top notch.

What I probably enjoyed most about Mistborn: Final Empire are its religious and political undertones sprinkled in throughout. Mistborn: The Final Empire wasn't my favorite fantasy novel but I think it laid the ground work for an interesting series.

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