Stephen Colbert Taking Over for Letterman

It's sort of a bittersweet day today. On one hand I'm happy to hear that Stephen Colbert got the Late Night job on CBS. On the other hand I'm sad, as The Colbert Report is a staple in the Szerlip household. Each night Jenn and I watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. It's a great lineup and one that has been a staple for us for the past couple of years. The combination of political satire and genuinely hilarious interviews has always kept us coming back for more.

The concept of The Colbert Report is pretty ingenious. The show was created to be an over-the-top satire of Bill O'reilly, who Colbert often refers to as "Papa Bear". The fact that the show has lasted as long as it has and has been as successful as it has been is pretty impressive. To me making your point while also making people laugh is a pretty special gift.

What's funny is that this show is made really for liberals to poke fun at the right wing conservatives. I'd consider both Jenn and I conservative although on social issues (gay marriage, abortion, welfare, etc.) we would probably be considered liberal. And yet we still find the show hilarious. What the show does more then anything is show the complete insanity that is US politics.

I'm truly interested in how Colbert does now playing himself rather then the character on The Colbert Report. I know one thing Jenn and I will be watching. Lets hope we get a few more "Better Know a District" segments before The Colbert Report ends at the end of 2014.