Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World

Right before we started watching Thor: The Dark World on Friday night (March 7th) Jenn told me a few times how lame the movie looked. Granted not all super hero movies are Oscar contenders (well none of them are actually) they usually make for an entertaining couple of hours. The original Thor movie is right alongside the best of the individual Marvel super hero movies. The classic "I'll have another" line is still something I say all the time. Unfortunately Thor: The Dark World lived up to all the bombs Jenn was throwing at it. 

Thor: The Dark World is a conflicted movie. It takes place after the incredible Avengers movie when all the Avengers are off to do their own thing. Sort of a weird concept when aliens come to attack Earth again and only Thor shows up to save the day. But that minor tangent aside Thor is a movie of cheesy dialogue, weird humor, and pretty good action scenes. It wasn't enough to keep me awake Friday night so I ended having to split watching the movie and finished it last night.

It's not that Thor: Dark World is a bad movie there have just been far to many great comic book movies for this to even try and be in the same realm as The Avengers of The Dark Knight. It was a good Redbox rental, but nothing more then that.