Finished Season 1 of House of Cards

House of Cards is an incredible show. It's a political drama so you would think you've seen it all before, but in reality House of Cards just does it so much better then everyone else. We started watching House of Cards right after the recent Golden Globes when we knew that the hype must be real and we were ready to jump in. Plus its free on Netflix so thats a win win. 

Kevin Spacey plays the lead role and is incredible at it. One of the shows unique quirks is that randomly throughout each episode Kevin's character Francis Underwood will break from what he is doing and talk straight at the camera to give some color commentary. Unlike a show like The Office, there is no justified reason why he talks to the camera and yet it works beautifully. Those moments when he breaks down what he is actually saying and the rationale for why he is saying it are some of the best moments in the show.

We both really enjoyed Season 1 and are even more excited that Season 2 was just released on Netflix so we are probably going to jump right back in.