Spurring the Moment, A Day at Universal Studios

The last couple of weekends have been amazing. We spent a lot of time together, taking long walks, playing board games, going to church, and watching a ton of TV and movies. I knew one of these weekends we were going to have to shift the trend, and it just so happened to be today. This morning I went to get my hair cut at 18|8 in Costa Mesa, and got home a little after ten to a bright eyed Jenn who I knew instantly was up to something. 

She came up to me a giant grin and said guess what we are doing today. I knew right then and there that not only was I in for one of Jenn's ideas, but that I had no say in the matter. So she says we are going to Universal Studios in Hollywood, and wouldn't you know it twenty minutes later we were in the car and off to Hollywood.

For Southern California the drive was a breeze and in around an hour we were slipping into a parking space and off to the park. Universal Studios has a deal where you buy a day you get an a year free, so we of course jumped right on that one. To me what's crazy about the deal is there are only a handful of blackout dates. When we had our Disneyland Annual Passes the amount of blackout dates was staggering. 

I was probably 10 years old the last time I was at Universal Studios, and Jenn's last time was around the same age. However we both remembered one of our favorite attractions being Jurassic Park so we made an instant beeline for it. We literally walked straight on the ride. The ride still held up, the big dip wasn't as big as I remembered it but the t-rex still was incredible.

After Jurassic Park it was off to Revenge of the Mummy a new indoor coaster. Its the first time in a very long time that we were both going on a roller coaster for the first time. The not knowing what to expect is one of the best parts of any ride. We once again walked on the ride, maybe waiting five minutes, and loved it. It was on the short side, but started out great and didn't let up. Once we were off the roller coaster it was time for a snack, we grabbed some popcorn and made our way back up to the main area. 

Our last attraction of the day was the studio tour, which is obviously the staple of any Universal Studios visit. We waited around a half hour for the tour but it was totally worth it. I had forgotten almost everything about it so it was almost like riding it too for the first time. We had a great tour guide who Jenn thought was hilarious. 100% her type of humor.

We made our way off the tour and stumbled into a just starting Special Effects show. This was our only misstep of the day. It was a complete dud and luckily only lasted twenty minutes. After the show we left Universal and made one last stop in City Walk, a must if your Jenn and are at Universal Studios, we went to Ben and Jerry's and got her absolute favorite strawberry shake.

Once that final pit stop was made, we made our way back to the car and back home. I woke up thinking today would be another lazy day around the house, and Jenn flipped it, and to be honest I'm so glad she did. Today was one of the best days of the year and now I can't wait to go back and use our annual pass.