Movie Review: Rush

I remember last summer seeing the trailers for Rush and knowing that Jenn was never going to the theaters to see this movie. Even if we are both big fans of Ron Howard as a director, there was no chance I could convince her to see a racing movie. So needless to say we waited for it to hit blu-ray and picked it up on Red Box this past weekend.

Rush clocks in a little over 2 hrs long and I would say its a movie of two very distinct halves. The first good chunk of Rush spends far to long bringing us along on the story and is a bit to blatant at distinguishing the difference between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. We got it the first time, Hunt is a party guy and Lauda is the serious one. Luckily the movie recovers gracefully in the second half where the real life story comes to life beautifully.

Rush is a well acted, excellently shot, and entertaining movie. As someone who has never had any interest in any racing including F1, I found the race scenes to be some of the best and only wish there was more of it. As much as I wanted to see Rush in theaters I'm glad I didn't spend the money as it made for a perfect Friday evening movie.

Oh and if you were wondering, Jenn only liked that Chris Mesworth was in it. Otherwise I'm pretty sure she hated it.