Board Game Review: Monopoly Deal Card Game

Recently I discovered that people who consider themselves board game enthusiasts really look down upon Monopoly. They say its a bad game. I disagree and love Monopoly. However its a long game and getting Jenn to agree to play it more then once every couple of years is unlikely. However when at church, Pastor Kenton mentioned a Monopoly Card game I immediately (after the service of course) went on Amazon and purchased it.

We didn't get to play it until our Epic Europe Trip and in fact played a number of rounds of it on our transit from Istanbul to Santorini. Jenn swept the floor with me throughout the trip and I've finally had my revenge since we've been home. The game itself is as simple as they come. You basically want to get three sets of properties before anyone else. You pick up some cards on each turn and discard cards as well.

Each game lasts anywhere from 5-20 minutes. Like any good card game a good mix of strategy and trying to deceive who you're playing with. The game only allows you to hold seven cards in your hand so "sand bagging" as Jenn calls it's hard to do. For < $20 I can't recommend the game higher, its an absolute staple in our ever growing repertoire of board and card games.