Setting a Reading Plan for the Start of 2015

I'm going to try something I've never done before. I'm going to try and write down the next five books I want to read. Let me backtrack a bit. Over the past couple of years I've been doing the Goodreads reading challenge. In 2012 I put my goal at 20 books, in 2013 I put it at 25 and in 2014 I put it at 26. Each year I've hit my goal but I always had one big problem. I struggled transitioning from one book to the next.

Have you ever had that? When you put down a great book, it can be really hard to want to dive into a new story. Will it be as good? Will it be a let down? Or on the other hand when you get done reading a bad book I get paranoid that I might sit through yet another bad book. So instead of dealing with the uncertainty I'm going to try and plan out my first five books to read in 2015.

Book #1: Night by Elie Wiesel


I read this book in Junior High or High School and I know I loved it then. But to be honest I remember nothing about it so I want to start 2015 off with a book that I'm pretty sure I will love.

Book #2: Legion by Brandon Sanderson

I read a lot of Sanderson in 2014 and not one of them let me down. So I think I will start off the year with his wildly popular short story Legion.

Book #3: The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence

This book seems like it was written for me. Its a coming of age story that seems to be full of whimsy. I really hope this one is good.

Book #4: Tower Lord by Anthony Ryan

One of my favorite books of 2014 was Blood Song. Its really not my cup of tea. Usually I want more plot to go with my action novel but Blood Song was just brutally delicious. I'm hoping we get a little more plot in Tower Lord but if not I think I'm still ready for another crazy ride.

Book #5: Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

Having two novels by Brandon Sanderson within five books is a bit much. But I think this is about as long as I'll be able to wait to read Sanderson's follow-up to the super hero novel Steelheart of 2013. I'm so ready for this one!