Epic Europe Trip 2014 Day 9: The Santorini Swan Song

It's hard to imagine that our time here in Santorini is almost over. It feels like we just got here. We woke up this morning and I think I can finally say we have fully adjusted to the European time zone. When we finally got out of bed we were able to take in the most beautiful morning we've had here in Santorini. Crystal blue skies with only a hint of clouds. With the weather being so nice and warm we decided to have our breakfast on the balcony. 

After our amazing breakfast we left to go tour Oia. Before we got very far at all we stopped at Ekiza Cafe as Jenn was craving ice cream and I wanted something better then the hotels sub-par coffee. Jenn ended up getting some vanilla ice cream (at around 10:30 in the morning) and I had an out of this world cappuccino.

From there it was time to go in town and shop. Neither Jenn or I tend to buy a lot on trips. One of the new traditions we're just starting is to get a a deck of cards from each place we go. Our first stop was in a small travel store where we got a an awesome Santorini deck of cards. From there we started looking for clothes for Jenn but she really wants to save that money for Italy and France (which makes sense). We did stop in a small boutique store where she bought two amazing Christmas ornaments. It felt like her Mom was with us at that moment and I don't think I saw Jenn light up more then when she found the ornaments.  

We shopped for a bit longer, took in the amazing views (they never get old) and then turned back for our hotel. When we got back to our hotel it was time to play some card games, and boy did I get slaughtered.

We started out with Monopoly Rush which we played back in the Athens airport a week ago and I got obliterated. Then we played Love Letter which is a best of seven game and I was up 6 to 4 and somehow Jenn came back and beat me in that. We ended on Uno, which I thought for sure I could at least get one game in and couldn't even win in that after three rounds. It was embarrassing to say the least. Jenn said it best I really shouldn't have played the lotto yesterday I'd be wasting my time. 

After cards Jenn continued to read (she already finished One & Only and now is onto The Confessions of a Shopaholic) and I listened to podcasts while laying on the balcony and taking in the gorgeous caldera. At around 3PM the weather shifted in a big way and dropped ten degrees. We headed back inside to the warmth of our room and rested. At around 5PM we went off in search for our final meal here in Santorini. So far the food has been good but not great. We've had some great meals like at the Sphinx and Idol, and we've had some duds like our first night. Sadly tonights dinner was a mixed bag.

Because of the temperature outside we decided to look for a restaurant that had indoor seating. Further down the main street in Oia we found a small cafe that had a couple tables inside. Things started out really well. We started with a glass of their house red wine which was actually really good. For a starter we had sautéed shrimp in an incredible red sauce a little bit like a tomato sauce. For our main course Jenn got a lamb shank (she was convinced to get by the waiter after she wanted their greek meatballs) and I had the Moussaka a very traditional Greek dish. Mine was actually really good, and reminded me of a shepherds pie and was the ultimate comfort food on the cold evening. Jenns on the other hand was not good at all. The meat just didn't taste great and didn't seem like a well prepared dish even after the waiter said it was one of their specialities. 

Jenn was obviously still hungry after dinner so we went to the cafe we had the ice cream at in the morning and ordered an out of this world chocolate and banana crepe. That turned the bad taste in her mouth from the lamb shank right around. We devoured the crepe in a couple of minutes and then headed back to our room to close out the night.

I cannot believe that as I write this we are only hours away from leaving Santorini for Athens. We've had such an incredible time in Santorini that its hard to say goodbye. The good news is we have two of our favorite cities coming up right around the corner.