Epic Europe Trip 2014 Day 7: A Day of Relaxation

After starting off with two jam packed days here in Santorini, Greece it was time to take it down a notch. Well maybe a couple of notches. We both woke up this morning exhausted and ready for a day with nothing planned. We woke up, laid in bed, watched some Netflix, and just all around relaxed. 

It wasn't until 10AM that we actually got out of bed, and that was to let in the hotel staff to bring in our breakfast. One of the nice features here at the Canaves Oia Hotel & Suites is that you can opt to either have your breakfast down by the pool or at your room. No difference in cost/food selection. Today since we had nothing to do we decided to opt for breakfast inside our room overlooking the caldera. We got a fruit plate, a plate of cheese/meats, a pot of coffee, an omelette, and scrambled eggs. It was a really nice breakfast, and was nice to have it in our room.

After breakfast we had the ultimate decision to make, would we go out today or just stay in. That was answered quickly as for the rest of the day we laid around our room/balcony and just enjoyed what turned out to be yet another gorgeous day. A pro tip for anyone traveling to Santorini, don't trust the weather forecast. When we arrived in Istanbul it said showers every day in Santorini for our trip, and thus far we haven't got one drop of rain. 

There's not much else to say on today. We relaxed all day and ended up ordering room service for dinner. We've had so much Mediterranean food in the last week and a half we decided to change it up a bit and got American food for dinner. Jenn got a hamburger and I got a club sandwich. It was a nice change of pace and a perfect way to end what was a truly fantastic day of pure relaxation, I mean isn't that what you're supposed to do in Santorini?