Movie Review: Gone Girl

One of my most anticipated movies of this fall has been Gone Girl. It obviously made my list of movies I wanted to see this year. After listening to the audio book that is the source material for the movie a couple years ago I couldn't wait to get more of it. Gone Girl (the book) is one of the best thrillers I've ever read. It was so good that I had Jenn read it right after I got done and she loved it as well.

The book and now subsequently the movie follows Nick and Amy Dunne a married couple celebrating their five year wedding anniversary. Things happen and Amy Dunne goes missing and no one knows why. What ensues is a psychological thriller at its best. Having read the book before, the movie was a little bit of a letdown. Its not that it was a bad movie but this is a story that hinges on the unexpected. And since the movie follows so closely to the book the twists didn't have the same punch as when I read the book.

With that being said both Ben Affleck (who is looking huge for his Batman role) and Rosamund Pike did a great job with taking on the complex roles. Although not nearly as exciting as the first time I read it, Gone Girl was still a great movie. The gentleman next to me at the Island Cinema had never read the book and he stood up and clapped at the end. So I think if you never read the book this might be one of the best movies of the year.