We Booked Our Trip for 2014

If you frequent this blog at any regularity you know that Jenn and I love to travel. We both work very hard and the way we like to reward ourselves is to travel the world. After a ton of debating we finally landed on our trip for 2014. So without further ado we are going on an 11-Day Holy Land Cruise leaving out of Istanbul on Celebrity Cruise Line followed by a few of days in both Rome and Paris before heading back home. 


On our last day in Bali in September, Jenn and I laid around by the pool and started searching for trips. We probably had a dozen possibilities, one of which was a cruise I stumbled upon. After getting the approval for the time off and weighing all the options we landed on this trip. In short our trip is broken into three pieces. First we are flying from LAX to Istanbul and staying a couple nights before boarding our cruise which stays overnight in Istanbul, goes to Kusadasi and then overnight in Jerusalem and ends with Valletta, Sicily, Naples, and Rome. 


After our cruise we are staying a few of days in Rome and then flying to Paris where we will end our trip and take a day trip to Amsterdam. This trip is literally a dream come true. We are going back to our favorite places in the world (Rome & Paris) and then to experience Jerusalem is a surreal opportunity that we both have always wanted to do and are blessed to have the ability to do it. In short I can't wait for some Italian Wine, some amazing French cuisine, and to sit down and write 21 days of amazing trip posts. Until then au revoir.