Beijing/Bali Trip 2013 Day 9: Perfection

There is nothing like getting a good night sleep and that's exactly what both Jenn and I got after our first incredible day in Uluwatu. We woke up to beautiful blue skies, a slight breeze, and the sense of awe that only a place like this can bring. We took our time getting up and headed down for breakfast at their main restaurant.

For breakfast they have a three course option that we both went ahead and did. Basically they have a list of a dozen items and you choose three that you want. We both started with a Strawberry Banana Smoothie and I ordered an amazing cappuccino. For food Jenn got scrambled eggs and a strawberry waffle. I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich and a bacon potato salad. The second one was pretty funny they brought out a small scoop of potato salad  with bacon on the side. Luckily you really can't go wrong with bacon.

After breakfast we got the bright idea to make the seven hundred or so step trek down to the beach. When we arrived yesterday the hotel manager made it clear that the hotel doesn't keep up the beach and that it an all natural beach. Well when we finally made it down to where the beach was supposed to be the tide was fully in. We climbed on a giant rock and took some incredible shots and enjoyed the beautiful pristine blue ocean. Walking back up to the hotel was quite the challenge. The humidity on the hike was horrid and even I who almost never sweats was drenched.

Luckily when we made it back up from the hike there were two loungers sitting right in front of the main hotel infinity pool. So we immediately put our stuff down and jumped in the incredible pool. The views from the pool almost feel fake. We kept asking each other is this real? We spent an hour or so down at the pool and the staff even brought over a basket of goodies that had cold towels, waters, sun tan lotion, face sprays, and all sorts of stuff.

After our time down at the main pool we headed back up to our villa to relax for the rest of the afternoon. We laid out and got some sun, swam in the pool for hours and enjoyed some complimentary cookies and nuts. Jenn read her book for a bit while I worked on my posts and listened to my audiobooks. It was such a relaxing afternoon that it was hard to even want to get up and go anywhere.

Luckily dinner last night was so good we were ready for another round. We went back up to dinner a little before 7 PM and had even better seats then the night before. Our table faced directly over the pool and into the Indian Ocean. Jenn got a glass of red wine and I went with a white. Jenn got the lamb again and I had the jumbo prawns and we got a side of creamy mashed potatoes which were phenomenal. For desert Jenn got vanilla ice cream and I had coffee ice cream. We spent two hours just enjoying our wine and the evening and everything that went along with it.

On the way back from dinner there was a wedding going on with a live band. We found a nice spot away from the wedding party and danced well into night. On our way back to our villa we looked up and all you could see were the sky full of stars and a bright shining moon. There was something peaceful in the quiet. All I know is that this trip has been an incredible slice of perfection and I'll never forget it.