Beijing/Bali Trip 2013 Day 8: It Just Keeps Getting Better

Four years ago today I made the best decision of my life, marrying my best friend, the love of my life, Jenn. We have had some pretty spectacular anniversaries in the past but none can compare this.

We woke up this morning and spent our good time getting up and enjoyed the incredible view from our bed into the rainforest and the Ayung river. I've said this before but its worth repeating. I wish there was a way to capture the feeling of contentment and peace that we both get when we are on vacation.

After we managed to get out of bed we headed up to the breakfast buffet for our last meal at the Royal Pita Maha. We had a nice leisurely breakfast with more incredible views of the rainforest. Something I haven't mentioned is the crazy good staff at the hotel. Within two seconds of stepping in the restaurant we have three or more staff on us asking how we are doing what we need and what they can do. Its been fantastic. After breakfast we went back to our villa did some last minute packing and headed up to the lobby at 10 AM.

When we got to the lobby we were told our car from the Alila Villas Uluwatu were not yet there. So we paid our bill and waited. We had gotten so many e-mail confirmations of our car that we were pretty sure the hotel wouldn't have been this late to pick us up so we used the hotels phone to call them and sure enough the security from the Royal Pita Maha hadn't let him in to pick us up. So within a few minutes we got picked up and were on our way. Remember how when we got into Bali we had a long ride into the hotel? Well we had that drive plus an extra hour to make our way to Uluwatu, but it was so worth it.

After nearly three hours of driving our driver pulled over and called the hotel letting them know we would be arriving in a few minutes. From there we took a turn down a very small one lane road and spent ten minutes weaving our way towards the coast. When we arrived to the immaculate entrance we were greeted by the hotel manager who walked us into the lobby. We were given cool towels, cold water, and a refreshing face mist. We were then escorted on what they called a “boogie” (Jenn got a kick out of this) but what we call a golf cart that escorted us to our villa. We received villa 203 and to put simply, its the nicest room I've ever stayed in. There isn't even a close second.

When we entered they had the entire room open letting the afternoon breeze in. Our room has a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean, with a great little private pool that we can dip into when laying out. In fact right after we took pictures and videos thats exactly what we did went swimming and enjoyed the amazing views. After our time in our villa we went to explore the hotel. While doing that we found an amazing cabana that overlooked the ocean. We sat down not expecting to be served but wouldn't you know it a waitress came over asking if we wanted anything to drink. We said sure and ordered two Pina Coladas. This truly is the life.

After we had our drinks we then enjoyed some more time back in our villa before heading out to dinner at their western restaurant, Cire. We made reservations so got amazing seats overlooking the ocean. We both started with glasses of red wine, Jenn started with a zucchini calamari soup while I had the chicken salad. Before our starters were brought out we got to try a crab dish wrapped in cucumber which was delicious. Our starters were out of this world and so were the various bread dishes that they brought out as well. For our main course I went with the duck while Jenn went with lamb. Both were out of this world good, and once again they brought out a chef creation; tomato gazpacho. We had such an incredible two hour dinner, it was truly a perfect send off for our 4-Year Wedding Anniversary.

Being here in Uluwatu with my best friend, my rock, my love is truly a dream come true. There just aren't words to describe how incredible today was. So instead I will leave today knowing that I'm experiencing a small piece of what heaven is going to be like.