Book Review: Joyland

I'm a more recent Stephen King convert. The first King novel I read was Under the Dome, and then fell in love with his writing in 11-22-63. I recently read The Stand for the first time, and am now hooked. So when I saw that he put out a new novel I didn't even read the summary I just hit the buy button. 

Joyland is far different then the other three Stephen King novels I read previously. The most obvious difference is the length, Joyland dwarfs in comparison. However its brevity is one of its strengths. Joyland is an extremely engaging tale of a young man trying to find his way in the world after his first big break-up. What ensues is a summer working at a theme park (glorified carnival). His experiences that summer are actually pretty profound. 

The Cover In No Way Represents the Book

I finished Joyland in two days and although it doesn't have the lasting impact of the previous novels I have read its still an extremely entertaining and enjoyable summer read. 

Oh and Michael Kelly the voice actor does a fantastic job reading this novel. I really hope he reads more of King's and others work in the future. Has sort of a Matthew McConaughey rasp to his voice that was great to listen to.

My favorite quote from the book:  

“When it comes to the past, everyone writes fiction.”