Weekend Getaway: Beverly Hills & Griffith Observatory

At 27 years old and living in Southern California my entire life I have no excuse for never making the short journey (distance wise) to both Beverly Hills and the Griffith Observatory. Better then late then never. 

Jenn and I love Orange County so its not very often we journey out of our nest, but last Saturday (8/17) we decided it was time. We went first down to Beverly Hills and managed to get there without much traffic. Our iPhone's got us lost (nothing new there) but we managed to get there and even got free valet parking right on Rodeo Dr.   

We got to street level from our lucky parking spot and were right in the heart of Beverly Hills. It was that incredible feeling that you get when you know your close to home but you feel like your in another world. Immediately we both went into tourist mode and looked at a few nearby shops before stopping to get some lunch. We landed at 208 Rodeo, an awesome patio restaurant with great views of the famous street. We started off with calamari, Jenn had her infamous pasta, and I had sliders three ways. It was a fantastic lunch and got us ready for the rest of the day.

We walked up and down the streets of Beverly Hills, did some window shopping and went to go get our car to head over to the Griffith Observatory. One problem with mapping things out the night before was that the traffic wasn't realistic. Although the Griffith Observatory is only 15 miles away, it took us an hour to get there.

When we did get there we parked at least a half a mile away. We walked up to the Griffith Observatory and took a ton of pictures and walked around the Observatory.  

It was a pretty warm day so we tried to stay indoors as much as physically possible. We stayed at the Observatory for an hour or so before tiring out and calling it a day. It was a great quick getaway that we really enjoyed. I hope we go check out other areas in So Cal soon it was a lot of fun.