Caribbean Trip 2013 Day 8 (April 5, 2013): No Bingo Boogie

It’s a sad day aboard the Celebrity Reflection as today marks the end of our seven-day Caribbean cruise. We are at sea again today which means it’s all about relaxation. We woke up at 9AM when room service called and said they were bringing our breakfast. We ordered our smallest order of the week we both just got a banana smoothie and I had some bananas and strawberries.


We are at the point of the cruise that everyone gets to; it’s the law of diminishing returns. There is just so much food you can eat and we hit our breaking point last night at Murano. We ate our breakfast on our balcony and at that time it looked like it was going to be a really nice day out. We started to get ready for the day and to take part in our first real Celebrity activity.

We headed down to the Opus Dining Room (main dining room) for the galley tour. We are always talking about how we wonder how they prepare all the food on the cruise and today we found out. We joined our group number and after waiting around for 15-20 minutes we joined one of the head chef’s and headed to the kitchens. It was super neat; they separate the galley into the courses of the meal and keep things as simple as possible. The tour lasted around twenty minutes and was worth seeing.

Right after we got done with the tour we headed over the theater to watch the Celebrity Iron Chef, which was a cook-off with two chefs and two people from the audience. The show was fun and the food looked really good.


After all of this talk and watching of food we headed back to the dining room to have lunch. I had a Tuna Melt with chocolate ice cream, and Jenn had the Pad Thai with shrimp. It was a great light lunch and held us over perfectly until dinner.

After lunch we started packing up our stuff, and getting ready for this amazing vacation to end. We sat out on the balcony, and read for a bit, and Jenn ended up heading in to take a shower. Only a few minutes after she headed in what had been a cloudy day all day turned dark in a hurry. Within ten minutes we had major rainfall and wind, followed by both lightning and thunder. The captain came on the intercoms twice letting us all know this was normal but also closing down all of the pool decks and outside areas. It was a pretty intense half hour.

From there we went down to play Bingo, which was the big jackpot game. The game was packed and was divided into three separate games. On the first round that you just had to get a line in Jenn got to stand up but unfortunately didn’t win. The next two rounds, which started with playing a game of corners and then the big jackpot round didn’t go well for us either. We had a great time but were sad not to be able to take home some extra cash.

After bingo we went back up to our cabin and got ready for our final dinner aboard the Celebrity Reflection that was at the specialty restaurant Qsine. The restaurants claim to fame is their iPad integration that acts as their menu.

Qsine is sort of like a tapas restaurant where each course you share the food and is small bites/tastes. You pick up to four courses to start off with and then once you get through the four you get to pick more. For our first four courses we chose the Painter’s Mignon, Disco Shrimp, Slider Party, and Meatball Trilogy. The best of the four was the sliders that came out on a little grill and you got to build the slider yourself. After our first four courses we also ordered the Taco Royale that came with make your own guacamole.

After our five courses of food it was time for desert. Here Jenn got the silver bullet and the cheesecake-tini. I had the “create your own” cupcake, and the surprise, which was an apple cobbler. The whole meal was just a ton of fun and we ended up staying there for over two hours.

After dinner we got our last glasses of wine at Cellar Masters and went off to the last show of the cruise that was a compilation of everything we saw from the start of the cruise. It was a nice look back and we got to enjoy the violinist again, which was great.

After that we finished packing, and got ready for our long journey home. It’s amazing how quickly a seven-day cruise goes by but this was one incredible journey.