Caribbean Trip 2013 Day 7 (April 4, 2013): Jenn Loves Crepes

We are now done with our three Caribbean stops and have two at-sea days and then we are back in Miami and on our way home. Although its sad at how fast this vacation is its refreshing to know that the last two days of the cruise will be relaxing at-sea days. This morning we once again slept in, well in fact I slept in while Jenn woke up at around 8:30 I managed to finally stir up at around 9:30.

Jenn made her way off to the Persian Gardens in the Spa area while I headed out to our balcony read some more of my book (The Rook by Daniel O’Malley) which I am not going to be able to finish by the end of the cruise. I actually borrowed it from the Celebrity Library with the intention of finishing it but its 500 pages long and I am only 150 or so in. So that’s not going to happen, it’s a great book though.

When Jenn got back we went down to the Opus Dining Room and took part in their brunch today. It’s the only day on the cruise they have this brunch which is a buffet showcasing their popular breakfast, lunch, and desert dishes. What it turned out to be though was sort of a disturbing amount of people and food. We made two passes at the buffet, ate sparingly and were out of there. We were hoping for more of a lavish champagne brunch, but just the sheer quantity of both food and people made it hard to really enjoy.

After brunch it was up to the Solstice Deck (deck 16) to lie out and unlike the first few at-sea days today had almost no wind and was extremely hot. I take back any complaints I had on the first windy at sea day, that is the only way you can it outside for any extended period of time. I think we lasted a little over a half hour and had to call it quits. So we headed back down to Game On for yet another rematch in the age-old game of checkers. Although I may have been obliterated yesterday I had my revenge today and whipped Jenn out in record time.

Jenn needing to wash away her defeat had us head down to the nearby bar and ordered a Pina Colada. It was so good. We both love those things and unlike the pool bar, which waters those things down this bar, did the drink justice. We sat near the window and enjoyed the extremely calm seas.  I’m not sure it if it was the Pina Colada or just the fact that we had sit in the nice air conditioned bar for a bit but we went back out to the Solstice Deck and laid out for another hour or so. The sun was just a bit less draining in the afternoon but at one point we both looked at each other and knew it was time to head in.


We headed back to our cabin and ordered down for a bucket of ice and champagne glasses to enjoy our complimentary bottle that we received when we arrived. Jenn not being a big champagne fan did not partake but I sure did. We laid around the room and balcony both reading our books and me enjoying my champagne and a little later on the afternoon snacks. I don’t think I have mentioned this much in these posts but the afternoon snacks that come with the Aqua Class room are both small yet delightful. For a cruise that is so keen on excess, the small quantity that comes with the afternoon snacks is refreshing.

At this point it was time to get ready for our final formal night. This can be quite the engagement in the Szerlip household. As mentioned on the last formal night we take these quite seriously and Jenn especially. She spent from 4PM until a few minutes before 6PM to get herself ready for the night. Our dinner was at the fanciest of the four specialty restaurants, Murano. It is a French restaurant that has a 1920’s wealth appeal.

Jenn as always looked absolutely stunning. She wore a dress that she bought originally for our cruise last year and still to this day fits her like a glove. We got ready for dinner just in time and made our way down to Murano. We were sat in a nice alcove for two and had three or four people waiting on us from start to finish. We started off with our final bottle of wine, an awesome cab from Washington.

For our first course we both started with the lobster bisque, which started as a deconstruction of the soup, and then the waiter combined it all in front of us. Our second courses were the lowest point of the meal. Jenn had a diver scallop wellington style and I had a risotto with skim milk foam. Both of these were OK, but not where near the standard of the rest of the meal.

For our main course Jenn had the lamb and I had the lobster, which was prepared tableside. Always fun having a show while at dinner so it was neat watching them prepare the lobster. I do prefer just a plain lobster that you get to dip in butter but this rendition with all of the herbs and spices was good as well. Jenn had the lamb that was excellent. We then got to do the cheese course which had them come over with a cart of cheese and allowed us to pick from it, we got some of the medium and mild cheeses which were good, some were kind of gross though. For desert I got one of my favorite deserts of all time the chocolate lava cake. Jenn who has learned on this cruise more then anything else that she loves crepes ordered the strawberry crepes. To our delight that also was prepared tableside and Jenn looked like she was at Disneyland, it was a pretty awesome crepe.

After dinner we went and took a few more pictures around the ship and then were off to see the show Reflection. The show has been promoted all week as being modern music and Cirque du Soleil style acrobatics. Well they did have some pretty amazing acrobatics especially when you consider the ship is moving. The music on the other hand had nothing more recent then the mid-1980’s, not to mention the singing was pretty embarrassing. Regardless the crowd got into it and since it’s really the last big production of the cruise it was fun to attend.

After the show we turned in for the night, went over the cruise newsletter for tomorrow to see what’s going on, on our last day of the cruise. It’s sad to see the trip fly by so quickly, but then again it’s been incredible while it’s lasted.