Caribbean Trip 2013 Day 4 (April 1, 2013): Authentico

I have to be honest I kind of forgot we had stops on the cruise. We were both so relaxed after our day at sea that you forget you need to get off the ship once in a while. Today was our first stop and was San Juan, Puerto Rico. We didn’t arrive to San Juan until 3PM so we had sort of a half at-sea day. We woke up at 9:30 in the morning and ordered room service for breakfast. Jenn had pancakes and I had two eggs over easy.

After breakfast we went down and cancelled our tour for St. Kitts (third stop on the cruise) from a beach excursion to a rain forest hike. We are already pretty burned from yesterday and will probably become even more burned tomorrow when we go to the beach stop at St. Martin. So we got that switched up and headed to one of our favorite places on the ship, Wine Cellars. This is a wine tasting spot where you pay for ¼ glasses, ½ glasses, and full glasses of wine. We tried four different red wines and sat around and talked for over an hour.

We walked around the ship a bit more, and ended up ordering room service again at around 1PM. I had a Shrimp Cocktail and a Burger while Jenn got a chicken soup and spaghetti bolognase. It was nice having a meal in the room and got us set up to head out and check out Puerto Rico.

We ended up departing the ship at around 3:30 and walked around the near by vicinity. I had been to Puerto Rico a number of years ago on a cruise but didn’t remember that well. From what I could tell they have modernized the cruise area quite a bit. There are a number of shops and restaurants near the port. We walked around, Jenn bought some shoes for our hike on St. Kitts and I bought a new belt because I think I left mine in our Miami hotel.

We found a ton of great restaurants so we decided to cancel our reservation at the specialty restaurant Qsine for the last night of the cruise and try some local cuisine. So we walked back to the cruise ship, canceled our reservation, and headed back into town. We found an awesome little restaurant called Inaru. The lady at the front of the restaurant said it was very good authentic Puerto Rican food and sold us on it so we sat inside and enjoyed an incredible meal. Jenn got the short ribs and I had the shrimp with a Corona. It was an incredible meal, with amazing flavors and we had a great time enjoying the authentic Puerto Rican food.

After our amazing dinner in Puerto Rico, we boarded the ship again and headed to the Reflection Theater to watch tonight’s show. We got a break from the singers and dancers, and had an incredible violinist, David Klrinkenberg (check name). Before we knew it an hour had passed and it was up. Unlike the cringe worthy performances of the past few days this was a show on a whole other level. It was so good Jenn was ready to buy his music on iTunes.

We made our way back to Wine Cellars and called it a night. It was a great start to the three stops on the cruise.