The Szerlip Vegas Trip 2013 - YOLO!

We are a few weeks removed, but in mid-February Jenn, Jake, Ally and I headed out on a quick weekend getaway to Las Vegas, NV. 

We left on Saturday, February 16th for two nights in a Panoramic Suite at the Vdara right on the Vegas Strip. We left right after Jake got off work (2PM), and he drove us in his new Lexus to our hotel. We did stop along the way at Trader Joes on the way and got wine, beer, and champagne to partake in on the trip. 

A ton of debate went into where we were going to stay on the trip. In fact we went back and forth and booked a few places before in the weeks preceding our trip. We ended up settling on the Panoramic Suite at the Vdara. Here is the room tour we took right after we got to the hotel. Needless to say the room was pretty epic. 


Once we got settled, it was off to gambling, dinner, and walking around the strip. We had a ton of fun and ended up tiring out at around 11PM and decided to pick Jake's car at  the valet in search for a somewhere to pick up groceries for breakfast the next morning. After a quick google search we found a Walmart in the middle of nowhere and got some eggs, bacon, and orange juice for the following morning. 

Jake and I cooked up a pretty killer breakfast and then we were back off to walk around Vegas. We had lunch at a Sushi place which was incredible. Jenn and Ally bowed out of lunch early and got massages at the Vdara while Jake and I gambled for the next couple of hours. We all met back up at 5PM in our suite, got dressed up all fancy for our big dinner at Jean Georges Steakhouse. Jake and I went with the signature menu (can you say Caviar) Ally went with the tasting menu, and Jenn got lamb and soup. We had an incredible bottle of red wine and had an amazing time at the restaurant. 

After dinner we went to go see Love, The Beatles show at The Mirage which was out of this world. It was an incredible show and by the time we got out of there we were all exhausted and ready to call it a night.  

It was a short trip, but we went big and it paid off. YOLO!