A Great Day of Golf With Jake

It's the day after Christmas and all of Southern California basked in the glory of its amazing weather. Jake and I indulged ourselves into the fine sport of golf and had a fun nine holes at the Newport Beach Golf Course; an Executive Par 3 course a couple of miles from our apartment. 

Jake's car clocked in at 78 degrees when we arrived at the golf course and it raised a couple when we finished our quick hour and a half nine hole round. I believe if we both kept score we would have probably been in the high 50's. That's a pretty awful score considering par is probably 30 or so. Even with the poor play we had fun and even took video of most of our golfing adventure. 

After golf we went to Islands and had a good burger and beer. Jake recommended the the Longboard so I went with it and it hit the spot after the golf, while Jake got the holiday Sierra Nevada pale ale. It was a great lunch. 

After lunch it was back to the apartment for another NBA 2K14 matchup where I narrowly defeated Jake who was playing as the Spurs and I was playing as the Clippers. It was a lot of fun and a great way to move on past the amazing holidays.