Second New Console This Year, The Xbox One

One week following the release of the Playstation 4, comes the Xbox One. As a huge fan of video games (I own a video game website for reference) this sort of experience is the pinnacle of my obsession. Consider that a console life cycle historically averages 7-10 years and you can begin to understand the magnitude of a release. So when I heard the Xbox One and Playstation 4 would be releasing a week apart it just sounded too good to be true. 

However a week after my Playstation 4 arrived, so too did my Xbox One. In similar fashion UPS didn't drop it off until after 5PM but that was no matter I had all night to dive into the new console. To start with here is my first video with me getting the console out of the Amazon box:

The next video is then of me actually unboxing the console itself. Its quite a hefty piece of hardware. 

Overall I've really enjoyed my Xbox One. The voice functionality with Kinect could use some work but otherwise everything is going pretty great. Two new consoles in two, that's pretty much gamer heaven.