Decorating Pumpkins - 2013 Edition

I've been taking part in the Carpenter tradition of painting pumpkins since right after we started dating. I remember back in 2004 when I did my first pumpkin painting and unlike Jenn and her parents, I have zero artistic skill, so needless to say I was both nervous and intimidated. 

Needless to say ten years later we're keeping the tradition alive. Jenn and I had our whole Sunday planned out. We woke up at a reasonable time and headed to Strawberry Farms in Irvine to go pick up our pumpkin. Having never gone there we were amazed with how gigantic the place was. I mean truly enormous. We spent twenty minutes searching for the "perfect pumpkin" and managed to stumble on three great ones. 

After our time at the pumpkin patch we headed to Irvine to get some supplies for our pumpkins and also to get some breakfast. We went back to our stomping grounds near Woodbury in Irvine and had breakfast at Denny's. Don't ask me why we ever go there, we never like it but at least they have good coffee. After breakfast we picked up a Redbox at Ralphs (Now You See Me) and headed to Irvine Spectrum.

At least the coffee is good

At least the coffee is good

When we got to Irvine Spectrum we went to Target and got supplies for our pumpkin decorations and walked around the mall we used to frequent so often when we lived out there. 

From there we went home and began the decorating process. Jenn decided to go with a black and white polka dot theme while I went to try and recreate Heisenberg (Walter White) from Breaking Bad. To start with Jenn had to paint her entire pumpkin black and I had to paint my entire pumpkin white. Here's a quick video of us during the pumpkin process design process. 

It  took around an hour or two for us both to complete our pumpkins. Jenn spent a ton of time gluing stuff on her pumpkin and I had to spray paint a candy pale black to make it look like Walt's hat from the show. All in all this might have been our most successful pumpkin decorating year ever. 

Today our pumpkins were done drying and Jenn put the finishing touches on our front door decor. Even though we are just in an apartment, that never stops Jenn from making our place feel like home.