Europe Trip 2012 Day 14 (July 5, 2012): Cruising Like Thursday Morning

You either love or hate at sea days. My family is 5-2 against at sea days with only Jenn and I being strongly for them. For us it is yet another excuse to lay back relax with no timeframes and nothing really to do. The perfect R&R if you ask us. The rest of my family on the other hand wants something to do. Either way, today marks our first of two (yes only two) at sea days.

Jenn and I slept in past breakfast today and woke up close to 11AM. We went down to lunch and found my whole family already at lunch at around noon. We joined their table and sat down for lunch. I once again got the salad bar with a tomato risotto and Jenn got a hamburger with fries. It was a far better lunch then the other day and hit the spot after ten plus hours of sleeping.

After lunch everyone but my parents went up to the pool deck and somehow managed to find five loungers in a row to use. We all laid out for a good two hours in the scorching heat before conceding to the Mediterranean heat. Jenn did manage to finish her second book on the trip which she really enjoyed. You couldn't have asked for a more crystal clear day, the cruise thus far has been smooth as silk. I have literally forgotten I am on a ship.

Once we finished with the fun in the sun we all went down to a lounge where we got to experience our first of I am sure many games of Bingo. We got there super early so we got our cards and sat around until 3:30PM when the game started. Wouldn't you know it on the first game Ally (using my Dad's card) won and got to do the ever embarrassing “Bingo Boogie”. She ended up winning $118 which isn't bad for so early on in the trip. She even got to stand on the second game but didn't win that one. Jenn and I struck out and didn't even get close to winning on any of the four games.


Following Bingo we all went our separate ways to rest and get ready for our dinner at the Giovanni's Table a speciality Italian Restaurant on the ship. We all actually bought a $50 deal which allows us to eat at all three of the speciality restaurants on ship and this was our first go. When we got to the restaurant at 6:30PM the place only had two out of 25-30 tables taken but by the time we left I would say it was half full. We got a really nice table and were introduced to a “family style” menu. I think we all were a little skeptical when we were told it was family style but everyone was beyond satisfied by the end of the meal.

Jenn, Jake, and I had two bottles of French Cabernet Sauvignon which was incredible and the rest of the family had a bottle of the family favorite Berringer White Zinfandel. We over ordered in a big way on every course but I think even more so on the appetizers front. We ordered a Mozzarella Bread, Carpaccio, Scallops, and Vegetable Lentil Soup. For our next course we got a few different pastas including Spaghetti Bolognase, Crab Ravioli, and the House Speciality. For main entrees we got Filet Mignon, Lamb, Jumbo Shrimp, and Veal. We all also got desert although none of us could really eat it. It was an incredible meal, by far the best thing on the cruise. There really wasn't a bad item on the list and was well worth the price of admission. We all were huge fans of Giovanni's Table.


After dinner Jake, Amy, Jenn, and I walked around the ship, played a little ping pong and called it a night. We did get some bad news that our Athens transfer was cancelled which was scheduled to take us to the middle of the city for four to five hours so we are going to have to figure out something to do for that. Otherwise it was a picture perfect day both on the sea and in the cruise ship and by far the best meal so far. I know Jenn and I might be in the minority but I could take some more at sea days.