Europe Trip 2012 Day 20 (July 11, 2012): Jenn's Day #2

I remember when we booked this cruise over a year ago my only trepidation with the itinerary was the lack of at sea days. I knew looking at the itinerary that after five straight days of stops, today was going to be a much needed day of rest. And that's exactly what it turned out to be.

Jenn took full advantage of our second and final at sea day. We both woke up at around 9:30AM and Jenn made her way down to the Spa with Amy to both get facials at 10:30AM. Judging solely on how relaxed she looked when we met up at around noon I can say that she absolutely loved the spa. I on the other hand laid around in the room and walked around the ship with Jake until noon where the whole family met up to have lunch in the dining room. It was a nice light lunch Jenn had soup and a burger and I had the salad bar with enchiladas.

After lunch Jenn, Amy, and Ally didn't have a ton of time to lay around because all three had made hair appointments for our last formal night. We did have a brief scare picking up our passports which were collected on the first day of the cruise. They searched for at least five minutes and couldn't find Jenn or my passports. Luckily they were just misfiled in the fourth floor pile and we were given them back and sent on our way.

Jenn went back up to the room to read her third book on the trip while Jake and I got changed to go lay out. All trip the pool deck has been jam packed and today was no exception. Luckily Jake and I were back to find two loungers on the tenth deck that we immediately grabbed and stayed there for over two hours. I don't know about Jake but I know I got a pretty good tan laying up there and got to enjoy a great audiobook in the process. When Jake and I headed back to our rooms at around 4:30PM and I have to admit I was a little worried that Jenn wasn't back yet. I know how long it takes her to do her makeup and having only an hour until we wanted to go down and take pictures was not going to be enough time. Jenn came back at 4:45PM and went on a mad dash for an hour to get ready.


If you remember on the last formal night I was saying how much of a head  turner Jenn was. Well I may have spoken to soon. I think Jenn topped it  again tonight. She wore a gorgeous red sleeveless dress that she bought  specifically for tonight. I am not exaggerating when I say that she  looked like she was ready to walk down the red carpet. And the rest of  the cruise members seemed to agree. I think at least ten people came up  to Jenn through the night and told her not only how gorgeous she was but  also how gorgeous the dress was. She was a real knockout again tonight  and I once again just felt fortunate to be a part of it.


As  tonight was the last formal night it also meant that it was going to  be  one of the better menus in the dining room. Jake, Jenn and I  started  with a bottle of California Merlot which once again proved to  be a great  choice. Jenn and I went with the exact same first two  courses tonight.  We both started with the Duck Consomme which was a  dark broth that hit  the spot. We then went with the Prime Rib which was  leagues better then  the first time we got it early in the cruise. For  desert Jenn got  Cherries Jubilee and I had the Coffee Ice Cream.


After dinner we  retreated to our room where we upheld our nightly   ritual of sitting on  the balcony. Tonight I was already ahead of the   game on my daily posts  so we just sat and talked and reminisced on the   last couple of weeks. As  I sit here writing this it is hard to imagine   it has all gone by so  quickly but then again I wouldn't change any of   it for the world. We  headed down to the theater at 9PM to watch the   band the Zoots who played  music from the 1960's. I am not sure any of   their voices would have  carried them past the opening rounds of   American Idol or X-Factor but  their mix of music saved them. You could   tell the crowd (most of which  who were alive in the 60's) seemed to   love the trip down memory lane and  even for us who weren't alive then I   knew all the songs they played.  Talent wise they weren't very good  but  we all had a fantastic time at  the show and even got up dancing   towards the end.


After the show  we ran up the Centrum (middle of the ship) to watch   them  perform some  acrobatics in the middle. The show started at   10:15PM and  was over a  little after 10:30PM and was really neat. To   have a random  show in the  middle of the ship with some great lighting   and acrobatics  was really  neat. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.


Once that got done  both Jake and I were exhausted so we retired to our     rooms while the  girls stayed up and got drinks in the Viking Crown     Lounge until around  11:30PM when they to called it a night.

Today was a fantastic  day at sea. Jenn got to have a facial, get her     hair done, and dress up  for our final formal night in the most   stunning   dress (outside of her  wedding dress) that I have ever seen   her in.  And  I got to lay around be  lazy and enjoy the cruise ship.   How could  life  get any better?