Europe Trip 2012 Day 10 (July 1, 2012): A Quiet Night

Jenn and I love getting in a routine while on vacation. It usually takes a few days but we have been in an incredible routine while in Venice. Sleep in, go into town have lunch, walk around, have some lunch and some wine, go back to the hotel rest, go back out for dinner and some more wine, eat some gelato, walk around some more and call it a day. Sounds like a beautiful thing to me and today once again follows that pattern.

We woke up late this morning, watched some TV, repacked for the cruise tomorrow, and went out to town at around 1PM for lunch. We decided to try a restaurant on our side of the island and when we sat down at this place we immediately realized that we had no idea what anything on the menu was and secondly it was three times what we had been spending on lunch. So we "politely" got up and left the restaurant. We took the hotel boat across the canal and had lunch at yet another restaurant set up against the canal. The restaurant had beautiful views and great food. Jenn had a glass of red wine, spaghetti bolognase (third time on the trip) while I had a meat pizza, dinner salad, and a glass of white wine. Not only was the location of the place good but the food was pretty great as well.


We left lunch and came back to the hotel but instead of laying in bed we got dressed for the pool here at the Hilton. The pool is on the top floor of the hotel and has some of the most beautiful views of Venice found at the hotel. We laid out for almost two hours and took a few dips in the great infinity pool. It was the perfect use of the afternoon and I a, glad we got to use the pool.

We came back to our room at around 4PM finished up packing, laid around, and then went out yet again for dinner. Tonight we were going to try and find a restaurant we have passed a few times but usually after we have already ate. Jenn being our personal directions person got us to the restaurant, Ristorante Rosa Rossa, without a problem at all.


It was worth the wait, as tonight was by far the best meal in Venice. We started off with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon which was out of this world good. It was so good we got through the bottle without problem. We started off with some scallops which were good but cooked with a weird topping but otherwise were really good. We then split a pasta bolognase (Jenns fourth time) and a grilled steak. It was the perfect split and was some of the best food we have had.


Instead of heading straight back to the hotel we decided to walk around the quiet streets of Venice. With Italy loosing the Euro 2012 championship to Spain the streets of Venice were empty. It was a beautiful evening and made it even better that it was so quiet. Although our time in Venice is running short it was quiet nights like tonight that make it so amazing to be here in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.