Europe Trip 2012: Day 5 (June 26, 2012): Jenn's Day

Sometimes a gloomy day is exactly what the doctor orders. Today was the worst weather we have had in St. Moritz. Luckily we planned accordingly and took advantage of mother nature. We woke up at 4AM which is getting closer and closer to being on their time zone.

We laid around for most of the morning and headed down to breakfast at around 8:30AM. The breakfast was not a one hit wonder and we enjoyed yet another wonderful meal of eggs, pastries, cheeses, champagne, and all sorts of other good stuff. When we left breakfast it was time to get ready for our spa reservations. Both Jenn & I book one hour hot stone massages. I went first at 10:40AM and Jenn followed directly after mine. The massages were amazing, extremely relaxing, and both Jenn and I are now sold on hot stone massages.


After the massages we stayed down at the pool/spa area and used their facilities until a little after 3PM. I am almost positive that at some point during the time we were down there we both fell asleep on the loungers. We did also spend a lot of time in their steam rooms and saunas. In short it was a very relaxing start to the day.


We came back to the room and Jenn took yet another nap while I watched Wimbledon. We got ready and left for the city center at around 5PM in search of some where to eat. After a lot of walking and a lot of restaurants that appeared to be closed we stumbled upon Secondo Bar & Restaurant. We both got hamburgers and fries and I had my first coke of the trip. The burgers were delicious full of flavor and the fries were pretty tasty as well. Jenn who saw an advertisement for Ben & Jerry's in the restaurant couldn't pass up the opportunity and ordered some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream which she polished off.


Dinner was over at around 7PM and we made our way back to the hotel. We both weren't really ready to call it a night so went for a night cap at the hotel bar. I ordered an Old Fashion and Jenn had a glass of red wine. They also brought us out some delicious cheeses, nuts, and peppers to snack on.


From there we called it a night. It might not have been the most picturesque day outside but that's not to say it wasn't an incredible relaxing day. Or as we liked to call it a "Jenn Day".