Europe Trip 2012 Day 2 (June 23, 2012): A New Day

When we left you yesterday the trip seemed to be off to as rocky of a  start as we could have imagined. There were points during the day that  getting on a plane going anywhere didn't seem like a possibility.

During our flight into Atlanta we had a free 15 minutes of Wi-Fi which I  used to book us a night at the Atlanta Gateway Marriott. We ended up  arriving into Atlanta on-time but to no surprise to either Jenn or I our  bags weren't there. I was shocked but Jenn really handled that like a  champ. We went to the luggage desk and had an extremely nice lady who  spent a good half hour trying to get someone in LAX to rush our bags in  time to make our 4:45PM flight to Zurich. We left there at around 1AM  feeling somewhat confident that our luggage would be there when we got  back later in the day.

We made our way from the luggage area to the ATL tram to get to the  Marriott hotel. It is a really quick tram ride and we walked right into  the hotel. We were pretty impressed with the hotel itself, very modern  and the room was nice. We ended up hitting the sack at 1AM with only our  carry on bags and no idea what the rest of the day had in store.


We woke up at around 9AM at the Atlanta Gateway Marriott with a renewed  hope. The first thing we needed to do was refuel. After literally eating  no dinner we ordered a pretty nice plate of room service. Jenn got the  belgian waffles with bacon and I order the two egg breakfast with grits  (I'm in the South) and bacon. I don't think a breakfast has tasted so  good, or at least was needed as much as it was this morning.


From there we left our stuff (what we had) in the hotel room and took  the ATL Tram to the airport to check on our luggage and make sure we  were on this afternoons flight. At the luggage counter they said it  “looked like” or “appeared” that our luggage was in Atlanta and would be  flying with us to Zurich but couldn't confirm beyond that. We then  spoke to a Delta official about our confirmed seats and were given a  voucher saying that our seats would be assigned at the gate. We then  went back to her and asked if there was any possibility of getting our  seats and were lucky enough to get them. Good thing too since the flight  was over-booked by three.

So we spent until 1PM in the hotel room and made our way back over to  the airport to go through security and get ready for our flight. We had  lunch at the Sam Adams Grill and had burgers. Jenn asked for a water but  instead got a Sweet Water Beer and I got a Stella. Jenn hates beer so I  “had” to finish both which was fine by me.

We then spent another hour or so waiting for our plane to start  boarding. With only a few minutes to go before boarding I checked the  Delta iPhone App to discover that both of our bags had been checked into  the plane. I literally think both Jenn and I had a visible sigh of  relief. Here is to hoping they actually arrive in Zurich with us.


The plane left right before 5PM eastern time and we are scheduled to get into Zurich at 8AM. We have train tickets that leave Zurich at 10:30 to take us to St. Moritz. So with any luck we will get through customs, get our bags, grab a taxi or the shuttle to the train station and be on our way to the glorious town of St. Moritz. If today was any indication things are already starting to turn around and I for one cannot wait to see what the next 20 days have in store for us.