Europe Trip 2012 Day 1 (June 22, 2012): We Can't Help You With That

What a day. As I write today's entry I am sitting on a flight headed to Atlanta. Why Atlanta you may be wondering? Well let's start at the beginning.

The lead up to this trip has been intense. This past weekend Jenn hit her toe into the couch and found out on Monday that it was broken. Two days ago Jenn and I realized we had more stuff to bring to Europe then would be physically possible to bring in our suitcases. And today has been the nightmare travel experience that people always tell stories of but we have never had to experience ourselves.


After doing a ton of research Jenn booked us a limousine to take us from our apartment to LAX airport which was nearly the same price as us parking our car at the airport so we chose to ride in style. It was a great choice because on the way we found out our flight was cancelled which was taking us to San Francisco then to Zurich. We rushed to the Delta terminal where we were told we had tickets on an Air France flight to go to Paris and then to Zurich. We were told Alaska Air would print us out that ticket and we would be on our way. Well as you can guess Alaska said no Delta should print your tickets and on and on the circle went until ultimately we were given a stand by ticket to go to San Francisco at 4:50PM.


Well wouldn't you know it the San Francisco flight was both booked up and delayed past to where we were going to make our connecting flight to Zurich. So we were back at square one with no flight in sight. So we talked to a lady at the San Francisco flight from Delta that at first wanted us to do a flight from LAX to New York (JFK) to Zurich which sounded good but somewhere in the process that flight got booked up. So after at least an hour with this lady from Delta we got booked on a 4:45pm flight to Atlanta which arrives at midnight and our flight to Zurich delays us a day and gets us in Sunday morning instead of Saturday night.

At this point our fears are two fold a) will our luggage arrive in Atlanta and b) will we actually be on a flight tomorrow to take us to Zurich. Only time will tell. All I know is that Delta was no help whatsoever. Thank goodness for Jenn or we might have been driving back home.