Europe Trip 2012: Pre-Packing for the Big Trip

If I am being honest I am always excited for vacations, but since its been 9 months since our last real vacation I am even more excited for this years trip. As you will see over the coming days Jenn and I will be taking three weeks off from work and traveling all over Europe. However what is almost as fun as going on the trip is planning for the trip. 

The one area I am in charge of is technology and this year I have us covered even more so then years past. Here is the list of gear we are taking with us on the upcoming journey. 

  • Canon Rebel XS DSLR + Lenses
  • Samsung HMX-H300 (New HD Camcorder) 
  • Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS (New Pocket Camera for Days Where We Can't Bring DSLR)
  • iPad 2 (For Reading and Flight Entertainment)
  • Jake's MacBook Pro (to do daily trip updates)
  • iPhones (even though we won't use them much)

With that comes a lot of batteries that constantly need charging so I will be bring a few power adapters to ensure every day we are fully charged and ready to take on the day. Keep tuned here from June 22nd - July 13th I will be posting daily updates from our travels.