Thinking of Starting Another TV Blog

I have worked on a lot of online projects in my lifetime. Most of which have been some form of failure. A few years ago however I started a few TV Blogs that actually were pretty successful. I heard about a few Fall TV announcements developed some blogs and saw what happened. Probably my more successful blogs were based on NBC shows Chuck and Journeyman. In fact at the canceling of Journeyman there was a few days that the server which was running the site literally could not keep up with the demand on the site.


Well like many projects time and priorities change and I wasn't able to keep the level of quality up on the blogs like I had hoped. So I ended up selling the few I had started to someone who wanted to do the same thing I was and moved on.

So now a few years later I have the itch to get into again. More then ever I have fallen in love with TV. With shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Justified, and my very favorite Game of Thrones; now seems as perfect time as any to get back into it. Now its just wondering which of the networks new shows to take a gamble on. That is the big risk with doing a TV blog is that often times the show won't last more then a few episodes. But here is to hoping I can find a show or two this year to get back into some TV blogs.