Ranking the Rocky Movies

If you know me even in the slightest bit you will know that I love Rocky. Since I can remember as a kid I would sit and watch Rocky 1-5 in marathon sessions all the time. I love the story. I love the character. I love the boxing. There is so much about these movies that just get me pumped. Thinking of the now six movies makes me want to sit down and watch them again.

However one thing I knew I hadn't done yet was sit back and rank the movies from my least favorite to favorite Rocky movie. So without further ado here is my list starting with my least favorite and ending with my favorite movie in the series.

#6: Rocky V


If there is one movie in the series I wish wasn't made it was Rocky V. There is very little about this movie other then the fact that Rocky is in it that I enjoyed. I do find that I skip ahead to the very end and watch the street fight at the end which is always pretty fun.

#5: Rocky IV


There are times that I love Rocky IV. Rocky's speech at the end of the movie. The training in the freezing cold of Russia. The fact that the Russian looks like a beast. Then there is the fact that Apollo dies, and that the end of the movie is pretty depressing. Regardless Rocky IV is a pretty fun movie to watch.

#4: Rocky III


I have a love hate relationship with Rocky III. The death of Mickey is pretty tragic. However I love the scene where Rocky gets to wrestle with Hulk Hogan. The re-match with Rocky and Mr T is also pretty great as well. And who can forget the run down the beach with Apollo and Rocky and the warm embrace after a job well done. I really do enjoy Rocky III.

#3: Rocky


I should mention I was not born when the first 4 movies were released and was only 4 when Rocky V came out. So I really didn't get the impact that the original movie had. Let me say one thing, I love the original Rocky. It's probably the most "real" movie out of the six, and it has about as much heart as you can pack into 119 minutes. A classic that will deserved the Oscar it won.

#2: Rocky Balboa


I have never been and probably will never be as excited for a movie then I was for Rocky Balboa the sixth and hopefully final movie in the Rocky franchise. Almost fifteen years after the release of Rocky V came Rocky Balboa the movie to make up for the poor conclusion in Rocky V. If you get over Sly's age, the movie was downright brilliant. It hit all the right notes and gave the proper conclusion that the series so desperately needed and deserved.

#1: Rocky II


I have probably watched Rocky II more then any other movie in my life. First off, spoiler alert, Rocky wins in this one. I love every moment of this movie from the engagement in the zoo, to the final seconds of the final round in the title bout. Rocky is the purest underdog story and never has a movie so eloquently portrayed what it means to battle the odds and triumph. Rocky II in my mind will go down as one of the best movies ever made.