Three Services That I Absolutely Love

I'm always looking for new gadgets or services. Anything that can make me more efficient or increase my quality of life I am ready for. Today I am going to be talking about my three favorite services that not only make my life more enjoyable but help me on a day to day basis.



This one is a no brainer. Who doesn't like Netflix? Sure they handled some of their transitional stuff badly last year. There is no denying the high quality of service you get with Netflix for a very low price. Think of it this way for around $20 a month you get unlimited streaming and 1 DVD out at a time. For $100 I can channel surf and find out there maybe 2-3% of the time there is actually something to watch on TV. I choose Netflix.

Amazon Prime


One of my favorite inventions ever. Free 2-Day Shipping on any order. Whether you buy a pack of gum for $2 or a TV for $2000 if its Prime Eligible you get Free 2-Day shipping for $79 a month. Amazon must take a loss on the shipping but considering my Amazon purchases have gone up 500% since pre-Prime they probably don't mind. It's just so convenient to buy something and see it on your doorstep a few days later. Not to mention the fact that now Amazon Prime includes a Netflix Instant competitor as a part of your subscription. If you ask me that is a win, win, win. 



Oh how I love Audible. On average I drive 120 miles a day and spend 8+ hrs a day in a cubicle. So I have plenty of time to sit down and listen to an audiobook which I love to do. On average I spend 30-50 hours a month listening to books. Not only are books stimulating, but they make it so much easier on a log day to just mentally get away and enjoy a great story. Not to mention that the voice actors on Audible are incredible and do an amazing job bringing the stories to life. If you haven't tried it, fear not, audio books are incredible!